9 tips if you are working from home

With everything that is going on working from home may sound like a daunting task. Many people have been forced to find ways to get business done from home. But having to set up your home office during these troubling times can be super stressful. Here are some tips so you can win at working from home:  

1.) Don’t sweat the small stuff

It`s better to be upfront about your surroundings at home (spouses, children, pets) during meetings and not stress about how quiet it should be. Everyone is dealing with similar situations and making light of your surroundings can ease the burden of feeling stressed and overwhelmed with things you cannot control.  

2.) Pretending you`re at an office

As comfy as our pajamas are, wear something that would be appropriate to wear at work. Also, keeping a schedule will help recreate an office environment and help keep you on track with your tasks. 

3.) Don’t be silent

Let your team know if you will be unavailable, keeping lines of communication open with colleagues will help maintain productivity and keep everyone accountable.  

4.) Don`t work with bad posture

As great as it is to work from the comfort of your own bed, this can often come with aches and pains for your body that can ultimately hinder productivity. 

5.) Make a To- Do list

Creating a list with bite size reasonable goals will help motivate you to finish the list instead of getting stuck on a single task and will give you a sense of accomplishment for the day.  

6.) Ask for feedback

Feedback can be always be scary but it can also be incredibly motivating. Working with someone and bouncing ideas off one another can help you get over that daunting task faster.  You can always leverage tools like instant messaging so working from home feels like you are actually in your office.

7.) Poor Sleep Schedule

Even if you are at home, maintaining a proper sleep schedule will give you more energy during the day and will help you focus better on the tasks at hand.  

8.) Have an End Time

Setting up “work hours” from home will allow you to mentally recharge when the day is done. Avoid taking work “home” and enjoy being with family and loved ones. With defined schedules, working from home can be a pleasant experience.

9.) Count with the right tools for the job

Video conferencing platforms like Skype and Zoom can be of great help, instant messaging platforms like Whatsapp or Slack can be a great asset for your team. Finally having a phone system that can allow your clients to reach you even if you are not at your office its a must for your business to continue, StratoVox Cloud Phone Systems can help you in this matter, don’t worry about sharing your personal number with clients, you will be able to contact them like if you were on your office desk, contact co workers to their specific extensions and even setup calling schedules so you can have a well deserved break because working from home doesn’t mean working all the time!

We hope these tips help!